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標題: 防風林配置對定砂效果之研究
The Study on the Sand Fixation Effects of the Windbreak Arrangements
作者: Long-Ming Huang
Ting-Wei Chou
Ji-Show Lee
Tsai-Huei Chen
關鍵字: windbreak;sand fixation effects;aeolian sand;wind tunnel;防風林;定砂效果;飛砂;風洞
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 63, Issue 1, Page(s) 1-14.

For investigating the sand fixation effects with the tree species combinations of the windbreaks, we chose the estuaries that the locations were with serious harms such as blown sands and dust emissions near Daan and Dajia Rivers to set up the sampling spots for collecting the required sand samples for tests, then performed the sand property analysis indoors and observed the results caused by different wind speeds, sand particle sizes, woodland belt thickness, wind durations, canopy compositions and clown sand quantities in the wind tunnel. The test results indicated that the soil textures of Daan and Dajia Rivers were poorly graded sands with the densities 2.72 and 2.66g/cm^3, average particle sizes and form coefficients 0.27mm, 0.951 and 0.32mm, 0.940, and that the sand moisture contents were all below 1%. Furthermore, the ranges of the start-up wind speeds for different particle sizes 2~0.84, 0.84~0.42, 0.42~0.25mm and below 0.25mm were 13.5~14.5, 7.5~8.5, 5.5~6.5 and 4.5m/s, respectively. The best sand fixation thickness of the windbreak forest belt was 2.5~3.0 times model of beefwood. The different wind durations did not have much influence on the variation of the aeolian sand quality behind the forest and the sand accumulation quantities of the experiment cases after 10-minute wind duration were all stabilized gradually. As far as the sand fixation effects of the forest types, we combined two tree species beefwood and linden hibiscus to 10 different tree arrangements and found that the mixed forest with high woods in the front and low woods behind had the best sand fixation effects. However, the pure forest of the low woods had the worst fixation effects.
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