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標題: 休閒農業遊憩動機、遊憩體驗與旅遊地意象之內容分析與中介關係檢定
Content and Mediation Analysis to Tourism Motivation, Tourism Experience and Destination Image for Leisure Agriculture
作者: Li-Chun Huang
Shu-Hui Chang
關鍵字: leisure agriculture;factory analysis;multiple regression analysis;休閒農業;因素分析;複迴歸分析
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 63, Issue 1, Page(s) 41-54.

Most of previous studies which aimed at the topics of tourism motivation and experience in leisure agriculture were mainly focused on the effects of these two variables to the short-term market benefits, such as tourist loyalty, satisfaction, expenditure, etc. The long-term market benefits of tourism motivation and experience for leisure agriculture are rarely discussed. This study was addressed for this deficiency. With the case of leisure agriculture of Shinshe County, this study clarified the context of tourism motivation, tourism experience and destination image, as well as the mediation effects of tourism experience on the relationship between tourism motivation and destination image. Via tourist questionnaire survey, a total of 436 questionnaires were valid for statistical analysis. With factor analysis, Pearson correlation coefficients, and multiple regression analysis, the study results indicated that the context of tourism motivation for leisure agriculture is the relaxing of body and mind, the experience of the life style and culture of the country side, self-reconstruction, impulse motivation, and to facilitate social relationship. The context for tourism experience was the beauty of nature, revitalization, activity participation, and the experience of local cultures. The context for destination image was the price of expenditure, landscapes, environmental atmosphere, social cultures and recreation facilities. Study results also indicated that tourism experience revealed an intermediary effect on the relationship between tourism motivation and destination image. Such finding implies the importance of the tourism activity planning for the development of leisure agriculture. An appropriate plan for the tourism activities helps tourists to build up their imagination toward the destination in leisure agriculture, as well as to link tourists' motivations to the construction of destination image. Tourism experience reveals substantial value for building sustainable destination image for leisure agriculture.
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