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標題: 膨發處理對即食薏仁粒理化性質及消費接受性評估
Evaluate on Physicochemical Properties and Consumer Acceptability of Ready-to-eat Adlay by Puffing Process
作者: Rung-Tsai Jung
Wei-Tzu Shih
Po-Yuan Chiang
關鍵字: Adlay;puffing;bulk density;puffing Index;sensory evaluation;薏仁;膨發;體積密度;膨發率;感官品評
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 63, Issue 3, Page(s) 133-142.
Adlay is rich in nutrient components and its texture is rigid and compact, so it needs long time to soak and cook. It is an important research topic how we decrease processing procedure and reach ready-to-eat. In this experiment, we use puffing gun to evaluate the feasibility, physical quality and sensory evaluation acceptance of readyto- eat grains which is adlay processed. The experimental results were as follow: as puffing pressure increasing, the expansion ratio of adlay was positively correlated (R^2=0.91), and bulk density was negatively correlated (R^2=0.95). Because the influence of puffing pressure and level, a value, b value and B.I increased, In glatinization properties T_o, T_p and ΔH decreased. Degree of gelatinization reached 100% at puffing pressure bigger than 7 kg/cm^2. In sensory evaluation, it can get better appearance, texture and overall acceptance in 7~9 kgf/cm^2. The puffing adlay in this experiment can directly eat and brew(rehydration) to eat, and soaking in 95℃ can get better property of water absorption and higher percentage of solid loss.

薏仁含豐富營養成分,其質地堅硬、密實,需長時間浸漬及烹煮,如何縮短加工程序及達到即食化是重要研究主題。本實驗利用膨發鎗探討薏仁製備即食化穀物可行性及其物性、品質、感官品評接受性,實驗結果如下:薏仁粒之膨發率隨膨發壓力提高呈正相關(R^2=0.91),體積密度則呈負相關(R^2=0.95),受到膨發壓力及程度影響,薏仁粒色澤a值(紅色度)、b值(黃色度)及褐變指數(B.I.)均呈增加變化;在糊化性質中,糊化初始溫度(T_o)、糊化尖峰溫度(T_p)、熱焓值(ΔH)呈下降,糊化度在膨發壓力大於7 kgf/cm^2可達100%;在感官品評分析中以7~9 kgf/cm^2膨發處理可得到較佳之外觀、質地及整體接受性。本實驗膨發之薏仁粒可供直接食用及沖泡(復水)食用,在95℃浸泡可達到較佳之吸水性及較高固形物溶出率。
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