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標題: 以玉米澱粉與海藻酸鈉混合模式評估糊化及品質特性
Study on The Evaluation of Gelatinization and Quality Property with Blending Mode of Corn Starch and Sodium Alginate
作者: Wei-Tzu Shih
Po-Yuan Chiang
關鍵字: Corn starch;sodium alginate;swelling power;gelatinization;retrogradation;玉米澱粉;海藻酸鈉;膨潤力;糊化;回凝
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 63, Issue 3, Page(s) 163-173.
Starch/gel blending has the effect of adhesive, coating, film forming, water holding and reducing hardening. And it has biodegradability, permeability and stretching elasticity. Recently, it was applied to environmental packaging materials and food processing technique of edible film. In this experiment, we used corn starch and sodium alginate as material, and blended different ratio to evaluate the gelatinization properties and storage quality. The experimental results were as follow: as sodium alginate addition ratio and heating temperature increasing, it showed that swelling power of blending was decreased and solubility was increased. Further it showed that peak viscosity and final viscosity of the blending increased and pasting temperature decreased by addition of sodium alginate. It also showed that onset temperature (T_o) and peak temperature (T_p) increased and enthalpy (ΔH) decreased. Addition of sodium alginate can increase the densified and sticky of microstructure, and it can reduce hardness increasing and increase stickiness to help the property of blending not harden during storage. It can apply to edible film preparation to reduce the hardness of retrogradation and increase elasticity and stretching in the future.

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