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標題: 二氧化碳上升及施肥對於番茄與斜紋夜蛾交互作用之影響
The Impact of Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Fertilizers on the Tomato-Spodoptera litura Interaction
作者: Ta-Wei Lo
Wei-Ting Chen
Shaw-Yhi Hwang
關鍵字: Carbon dioxide;Fertilizer;Spodoptera litura;二氧化碳;肥料;斜紋夜蛾
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 1, Page(s) 11-19.
In agriculture system, farmers usually use fertilizer to improve plant growth. The using of fertilizer not only affects plants directly, but also may influence herbivores by the changes of plants. The concentration of carbon dioxide continuously increases since the industrial revolution. The change of concentration of carbon dioxide could have some effects on ecological system. In this study, tomato plants were treated with elevated carbon dioxide and fertilizer to observe how these two factors affected the growth performance and phytochemistry of tomato plants. In addition, the tomato leaves treated with carbon dioxide and fertilizer were used to feed Spodoptera litura third instar larvae, to observe the effect on the relative growth rates of S. litura. The results showed that weight and leaf area of tomato plants would increase by both of higher carbon dioxide concentration and fertilizer. When concentration of carbon dioxide elevated, trypsin inhibitor activity and carbohydrate content of tomato leaves would increase; but nitrogen content of tomato leaves would decrease. The relative growth rate of S. litura fed with the tomato leaves treated with higher carbon dioxide concentration would decrease. When fertilizer was added, trypsin inhibitor activity, polyphenol oxidase activity, carbohydrate content, and total phenolic content of tomato leaves would decrease; but nitrogen content of tomato leaves would increase. The relative growth rate of S. litura fed with the tomato leaves added with fertilizer would increase. In the future, with the elevation of carbon dioxide concentration, it would improve growth of tomato plants and on the contrary, inhibit the growth of S. litura larvae. However, the using of fertilizer also needs to be considered to prevent from increasing of insect damage.

在農業系統中,農民常透過施用肥料來促進植物生長,肥料除了會對植物造成直接的影響,植物的改變可能會進一步的影響取食該植物之植食昆蟲的生長表現。工業革命後隨著工業的發展,大氣中的二氧化碳濃度不斷的上升,此改變亦可能對生態系統造成某些程度的影響。本試驗以不同二氧化碳濃度及有無施肥進行處理,探討其對於番茄植株生長表現和其葉片內化學成分之效應,並以經過上述處理之番茄葉片餵飼斜紋夜蛾(Spodoptera litura)三齡幼蟲,觀察其對於斜紋夜蛾幼蟲生長表現之影響。結果顯示,二氧化碳濃度的上升以及肥料的施用皆可以提高番茄植株之重量以及葉面積,當二氧化碳濃度提升後,番茄葉片中之胰蛋白酶抑制子活性及含碳量皆會增加,含氮量則會減少;斜紋夜蛾幼蟲的相對生長速率會因此而下降。而當肥料施用後,番茄葉片中之胰蛋白酶抑制子活性、多酚氧化酵素活性、含碳量以及總酚類含量皆會下降,含氮量則會增加,斜紋夜蛾幼蟲的相對生長速率會因此而增加。未來隨著大氣中二氧化碳持續的上升,雖然可以促進番茄植株的生長,並降低斜紋夜蛾幼蟲的相對生長速率,但同時要考量肥料因子對於整個農業系統之影響,避免因為肥料的施用導致昆蟲的危害因此而增加。
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