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標題: 批次型蛋箱清洗消毒系統之研究
Study of Batch Type Automatic Cleaning and Sterilization System for Egg Container
作者: Wei-Ting Lin
Hsueh-Hao Chang
Meng-Ting Lin
Zhi-Yang Chen
Kuang-Wen Hsieh
關鍵字: Automation;Egg containers;Washing;自動化;蛋箱;清洗
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 1, Page(s) 29-36.
The bird-flu in Taiwan became severe recent years. It does not only make people feel panic but also create economic losses. Usually, industry used egg container to collect fresh eggs. The egg container could be polluted in delivery and triggered a lot pathogen spread if users don't clean it. In order to avoid this risk, the disinfection of egg container is also important as egg production.In this research, we focus on automatic cleaning and sterilizing egg containers system and use STF Load Check Indicators (ENGLISH BROWN Co.) to test the result in a washer-disinfector process. The sprayers are tested with four spraying angles of nozzle angle of inner 30 degree, vertical, outer 30 degree and analyze atomizing overlap 50% which is the best. In the tests, we use ozone, excellent food quaternary ammonium salts, and antiseptic on egg container to disinfect it and then do the CFU test to know which is better. The results show when using excellent food quaternary ammonium salts does have the lowest bacterial colony unit, and the disinfection rate average is 93.34%. It is claimed that batching automatic cleaning and sterilizing egg containers system could effectively clean and sterilize the egg containers effectively with less manpower and material costs.

近幾年台灣禽類疫情爆發,不僅造成群眾的恐慌也造成經濟的重大損失,而蛋箱為雞蛋運輸時的承載工具,運輸業者至各養雞場收取新鮮雞蛋,不同養雞場的蛋箱彼此互相接觸,不經過清洗而重複使用下,非常容易造成疾病的傳播以及造成汙染,因此近幾年不僅重視雞蛋的清洗,對於蛋箱的清洗消毒,也逐漸受到重視。本研究針對批次型蛋箱清洗消毒系統,配合清洗噴頭使用英國BROWN公司製造的STF(Soil Test Film)清洗效果檢測卡,實際測試四個清洗角度。找到當噴頭噴霧重疊範圍在50%時,可得到四者中最佳的清洗角度。並使用臭氧、食優四級銨鹽以及畜牧場用消毒劑對蛋箱做消毒,對蛋箱上各區域做微生物菌落數檢測,採取各區域清洗前與清洗後的樣本,發現使用食優四級銨鹽時,消毒效果為三者當中最佳,可有效降低總生菌數93.34%,表示了本批次型蛋箱自動清洗消毒系統是可有效的降低人力,並大幅提升了清洗消毒能力。
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