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標題: 堆砂籬配置對堆砂功效之研究
Study on the Sand Fixation Effect of Continuous Sand-fixed Hedge Configuration
作者: Long-Ming Huang
Yu-Jheng Cin
Ting-Wei Chou
關鍵字: Sand-fixed hedge;Wind tunnel;Aeolian sand;堆砂籬;風洞;飛砂
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 1, Page(s) 47-55.
For investigating the fixation effect of sand-fixed hedge under different configurations, a range of tests were conducted using sand sample collected from different sampling sites around Wu River, which is an estuary under active with aeolian sand and fugitive dust. Sand sample then underwent particle-size distribution analysis before model planning. Inside the wind tunnel, factors like wind-speed, duration of the wind and configuration of the sand-fixed hedges were examined for their effects on sand fixation. The sample collected from Wu River mostly exhibited particles with a size of 0.25-0.425mm, hence we selected particles within this size range for our experiment. We calibrated values of other factors prior to the experiment, setting to maintain a wind-speed of 10m/s and wind-duration of 30 minutes for the test. The result indicated that a gap of 14H (H is the height of the sand-fixed hedge) between the hedges provided the best fixation effect. The test also examined the difference in body of sand fixed by continuous sand-fixed hedges under different installation scheme, for which a multiple-stage installation exhibits 1.74% more in fixed-sand than installed at once. Lastly, when we halved the number of hedges, the quantity of the fixed-sand dropped by 13.06%, nevertheless it only require half the time and cost for installation.

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