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標題: 網路有機生鮮農產品之故事行銷-品牌故事真實性之建構
The Story-telling for Marketing Fresh Organic Products on Web Stores: The Construction of the Authenticity of Brand Stories
作者: 陳俐君
Li-Chun Chen
Li-Chun Huang
關鍵字: 內容分析;故事行銷;紮根理論;行銷策略;電子商務;content analysis;marketing of story-telling;ground theory;marketing strategy;E-commerce
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 2, Page(s) 85-100.

Story-telling is an important marketing strategy for selling agricultural products. Via the attraction of stories, story-telling communicate the consumer value of products efficiently and thus to increase the competitiveness of the products, essential for the brand management of the agricultural products. As authenticity of the story is critical for the success of the marketing strategy of story-telling, how to increase the authenticity of the story being used to promote the brand is rarely addressed in academic domain for agricultural products. In the present study, content analysis is applied based on the theoretical frame of ground theory to analyze the structure of the brand stories sampled from the Web of the Taiwan Formosa Organic Association, which products are certificated to have organic labels. Totally, 39 stories were sampled and analyzed. The study results revealed 10 elements which were mostly used by the organic agricultural producers to construct their brand stories. The content of the story elements was very diversified, from the characters of the story, the environment of the production land, production method, etc., extended to the background of the producers, product differences, quality and the value-adding for the products. The present study explored the main elements and the characteristics of the brand stories of the national organic products, beneficial for the story writing while the organic producers would like to promote their brand with story-telling.
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