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標題: 三輪式無人載具低速時第三輪轉向匹配控制之研究
A Study of the Active Steering Control on the Driven Wheel of an Autonomous Three-Wheeler for Limited Turnings at Low Speeds
作者: 許健興
Chien-Hsing Hsu
Zi-Hua Chen
Tse-Min Chen
關鍵字: PID控制器;四連桿雙搖臂機構;福氏方程式;過切現象;PID Controller;Freudenstein's Equation;Four-Bar Equal-Crank Linkage;Undercutting
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 2, Page(s) 101-106.

Abstract To reduce toeing out and the radius of gyration of a front wheel drive vehicle maneuvering through tight corners at low speeds, this research evaluated the dimensions of traction machines and designed the prototype of an autonomous three-wheeler with a four-bar equal-crank linkage steering mechanism and an active controlled driven rear wheel for overturning avoidance. The model of the synchronous gyration center of the wheels was proposed. A PID controller was then installed on the rear driven wheel with which allowed the rear wheels to turn in the opposite direction when the front wheels are turning and results in a quicker and more efficient turning. The Freudenstein's equation was employed to determine the optimal dimensions for the four-bar linkage mechanism of the prototype, too. The final results indicate that the radius of gyration of a three-wheeler set up with the theoretical dimensions, was able to be reduced by 19% to 29% and the undercutting of the rear wheel could also be prevented. Established and simulated on SolidWorks, the proposed model was validated.
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