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標題: 不同光質LED補光對水耕東方甜瓜冬季生長及果實品質之影響
The Effects of Different LED Supplemental Light Quality on Growth and Fruit Quality of Oriental Melon Under Hydroponic Culture in Winter
作者: 廖本衛
Ben-Wei Liao
Chi-Chang Chung
關鍵字: LED補光;光質;東方甜瓜;果實品質;LED supplemental light sources;light quality;oriental melon;fruit quality
出版社: 臺中巿: 國立中興大學農學院
Project: 農林學報, Volume 64, Issue 2, Page(s) 107-113.
東方甜瓜為台灣重要的瓜果之一,主要產季集中在夏、秋兩季,冬天因溫度低且日照量減少,易造成植株生長及果實發育受阻,若想在冬季栽培則須利用設施及人工光源來克服環境上的不良;發光二極體(Light Emiting Diode,LED)為近年來積極開發之新興人工光源,目前也逐漸應用到農業上,其可提供特定光質給栽培作物,較傳統燈具節省能源且有較長的使用壽命為其優點。本試驗利用兩種不同光質的LED燈對兩品種東方甜瓜進行冬季生產的夜間補光,以期能找到最適冬季生產的甜瓜品種,並對甜瓜生長、果實品質有所助益的燈光配比,進而達成周年栽培生產之目的。試驗結果顯示,在植株生長部分兩品種互有所長,銀輝品種在葉片數及第20、25片葉初期葉寬上顯著高於嘉玉品種,嘉玉品種則是在株高、第10片葉寬、以及栽培後期的第15、20片葉葉寬顯著大於銀輝品種,不同補光光質對植株生長則無顯著差異。果實生長及品質上皆是以8R2B"嘉玉"處理為最佳,其著果天數、開花至採收天數、果重、果周、果徑以及糖度都顯著高於其他處理。綜合上述,冬季栽培東方甜瓜以嘉玉品種配合8R2B之補光光質最能達到本試驗之目的。

Oriental melon is one of the most important melons in Taiwan, which is produced mostly during summer and autumn. The growth and fruit development of oriental melon during winter are interrupted by the low temperature and the reduced of light illuminate. It is necessary to use facilities and artificial lights to produce oriental melon in winter. Light emitting diode (LED) are the new developed artificial light sources that are used in agriculture recently. It can provide the specific light quality to the crops and have longer lifespan and less cost as to traditional lamp. To investigate the better variety of oriental melon and the best condition of light quality ratio for the growth and the quality of fruits, we used two different kind of oriental melons and two light quality of LED lamps as supplemental light sources during the night in winter to produce oriental melons. As the results, 'Silver light' had more leaves and had longer width of the 20th and 25th leaves, in the other hand, 'Jill' was higher and had longer width of the 10th and 15th leaves. There was no significant differences between two supplemental light sources to the growth and development of oriental melon. The best condition for the growth and the quality of fruit was 8R2B, and the better variety of oriental melon to grow in winter was 'Jill'. To conclude, 8R2B supplemental light condition can have the best growth and fruit quality of 'Jill' oriental melon in winter.
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