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標題: 高中數學教師對99高中數學課程綱要變革的意見調查
High School Teachers' Perspectives Toward the Reform of New Mathematics Curriculum
作者: Yuan Yuan
Min-Yuan Wei
Shun-Ji Chen
Wei-Chang Shann
關鍵字: 99 high school curriculum;high school teachers;mathematics;99 高中課綱;高中教師;數學
Project: 教育科學期刊, Volume 14, Issue 2, Page(s) 1-25.
This study applied a questionnaire approach to collect 304 mathematics teachers' opinions of the new curriculum from 102 high schools in Taiwan. The results were summarized as follows: 1. Teachers seemed to hold a positive attitude towards reduction and addition of curriculum content. 2. Teachers seemed to support the deletion of most content as indicated by the new curriculum. However, most of them did not support the deletion of "relationship between quadratic curve and line", "optical properties of conic sections", and "ball". They also hold a neutral to negative attitudes toward the deletion of "highest common factor and least common multiple" and "Euclidean algorithm". 3. Teachers seemed to have a negative attitude towards adjustment of curriculum content. They only support the idea that each volume has a learning topic and algorithm to be shown in volume II appendix. 4. Most of teachers agree with positive effects of the 99 curriculum on practical instruction in school, however, they seem to concern inequalities of content between volumes and occupy a middle to negative position on the suitability for students.

本研究以問卷調查法,收集全國102 所高中的304 位數學教師對99 高中數學課綱內容變革及其對教學實務影響的看法。經收集資料分析後得到結果如下:一、教師對99 高中數學課綱中學習內容「弱化」及「增加」的部分多為支持的意見;二、教師對「刪除」的內容多為支持的立場,但對「二次曲線與直線的關係」、「圓錐曲線的光學性質」及「球」內容的刪除較不支持,對「最大公因式及最小公倍式」及「輾轉相除法」則持較為中立及不同意的看法;三、教師對於內容「調整」的部分多為反對的立場,只有對「課綱安排每一冊有一個學習主題」及「演算法(整數的輾轉相除法、二分逼近法)放入第二冊附錄」這兩項調整內容較為支持;四、在99 高中數學課綱對教學實務影響方面,教師認為在各冊編排的學習份量是不平均的,也對99 高中數學課綱內容深度適合學生程度持較保留的看法。
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