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標題: 鍍著氮化鈦之不鏽鋼在高溫的氧化行為研究
The Oxiadtion Behavior of TiN-Coated Steel at Elevated Temperatures
作者: 洪良易
Horng, Liang-Yih
關鍵字: TiN;氮化鈦;oxidation;stainless steel;hollow cathode discharge ion plating;potentiostat;rutile;anatase;氧化;不鏽鋼;中空陰極放電離子鍍著;恆電位儀;金紅石;銳鈦礦
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
本研究以中空陰極放電離子鍍著方式在AISI304不鏽鋼上沈積氮化鈦薄膜。分別以能量過濾型穿透式電子顯微鏡、掃瞄式電子顯微鏡與X光繞射儀來研究氮化鈦薄膜在空氣中,從300~700℃氧化30分鐘的氧化行為研究,以及利用EG&E 263A恆電位儀來探討其抗腐蝕能力。
實驗結果顯示氮化鈦薄膜顏色開始轉變的溫度在400℃。而在500℃以下的溫度氧化,其表面形貌與未氧化的氮化鈦薄膜無異,但在高於600℃時,表面有類似於不鏽鋼敏化現象的晶界凹陷產生。在X光繞射儀分析方面,氮化鈦薄膜在500℃以上氧化形成二氧化鈦(金紅石相),700℃時,會有其他的氧化物產生,如Ti2O3, TiXO2X-1(X≧3)與Fe2O3。

TiN thin films were deposited by hollow cathode discharge ion plating on AISI 304 stainless steel. The oxidation behavior of the TiN-coated steel at elevated temperatures ranging from 300 to 700℃ in air for 30 min was investigated by energy filtering transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron and X-ray diffraction.The corrosion behavior of the coatings were studied by an EG&E 263A potentiostat.
It is found that the color of the TiN coatings begins to change from light to dark gold at 400℃ and the surface morphology of the TiN-coated steel remains similar to the as-deposited specimens for those oxidized below 500℃. Noticeable depression along grain boundaries of the steel, which is similar to the sensitization of the stainless steel, is observed on the specimens oxidized at above 600℃. X-ray diffraction indicates that oxidation of TiN coatings to form TiO2(rutile) occurs at above 500℃ and other oxides such as Ti2O3, TiXO2X-1(X≧3) and Fe2O3 are detected in the specimen oxidized at 700℃.
Plan-view transmission electron microscopy reveals that the two allotropic phase of TiO2, anatase and rutile, are both exist on the surface of specimens oxidized below 600℃ and the content of anatase phase decrease with increasing temperature. In addition the cross-section transmission electron microscopy, shows a transition of the oxides from titanium-rich to oxygen-rich (O2/TiO2/Ti2O3/TiXO2X-1/TiO) near the surface.
The corrosion results, show that TiN films can protect the AISI 304 stainless steel.
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