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標題: 矽化物生成相之研究
Study of Silicide Formation
作者: 張碩峰
Chang, Shuo Feng
關鍵字: Cobalt Silicide;鈷矽化物;Agglomeration;Nickel Silicide;Direct Bonding;Curvature Measurement;結塊現象;鎳矽化物;直接接合;曲率量測
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
NiSi為另一種可能取代TiSi2的矽化物,為了了解Ni/Si界面間的反應,我們於Si上以離子鎗濺鍍方式鍍上極薄之Ni膜,並利用雷射掃描方法量測因反應所造成之曲率變化,為了提高試片彎曲之靈敏度,將底材拋薄後再利用直接接合技術將其與corning #7059玻璃接合住,以利後續程序之操作。可惜的是Ni膜有氧的污染而使鎳矽化物的生成受到抑制,然而經過接合的試片已可成功地量測其曲率變化。

With the scale of CMOS devices decreasing, CoSi2 is considered as an alternative silicide to replace TiSi2 due to its low resistivity, good thermal stability and no phase transformation problems. The formation of CoSi2, which would be influenced by the presence of oxygen impurity in the Si and Co interface, can be improved by depositing a Ti interlayer to react with the oxygen in the interface. In this thesis, we used Co(100nm)/Ti bilayer on silicon with different thickness of Ti layer to study its effects on the formation of cobalt silicide.
The Co/Ti bilayer samples were annealed to various temperatures at a ramping rate of 5℃/min in a vacuum system. The formation temperature for the cobalt silicide was delayed monotonically with increasing thickness of the Ti interlayer. We also observed that the agglomeration occurred on the surfaces coincidently with the formation of cobalt silicide. The rate of agglomeration was accelerated with increasing thickness of Ti layer.
Ni/Si reaction system was also investigated. The study was focused on the early stages of the Ni/Si reaction. We deposited extreme thin Ni films on silicon by ion beam deposition and monitored the Ni/Si reaction by in situ curvature measurement with a scanning laser method. The substrate was thinned down to increase the bending sensitivity and bonded to a piece of corning #7059 glass with direct bonding technique for easy processes handling. It is a pity that the Ni films were contaminated with oxygen and the nickel silicide formation was inhibited. However, the variation in curvature for the bonded samples can be successfully measured.
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