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標題: Nearly isotropic piezoresistive response due to charge detour conduction in nanoparticle thin films
作者: Jiang, Cheng-Wei
Ni, I-Chih
Tzeng, Shien-Der
Kuo, Watson
Project: Scientific reports, Volume 5, Page(s) 11939.
Piezoresistive responses of nanoparticle thin-film strain sensors on flexible polyimide substrates were studied. Disordered interparticle tunneling introduces microscopic detour of charge conduction so as to reduce gauge factors. The disorder also results in large resistance change when current flows in the direction perpendicular to a unidirectional strain, reducing response anisotropy. For practical usages, stability and endurance of these strain sensors are confirmed with 7 × 10(4) bending cycles. Cracks form in devices under prolonged cyclic bending and slightly reduce gauge factor.
DOI: 10.1038/srep11939
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