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標題: Removal of oil droplets from water using carbonized rice husk: enhancement by surface modification using polyethylenimine
作者: Lin, Kun-Yi Andrew
Yang, Hongta
Petit, Camille
Chen, Shen-Yi
關鍵字: Adsorption;Emulsions;Oils;Oryza;Polyethyleneimine;Polymers;Surface Properties;Surface-Active Agents;Water
Project: Environmental science and pollution research international, Volume 22, Issue 11, Page(s) 8316-28.
Carbonized rice husk (CRH) is a promising material to separate oil from water owing to its abundance, low-cost, and environmentally benign characteristics. However, CRH's performance is somewhat limited by its similar surface charge to that of oil, leading to repulsive interactions. To improve the separation efficiency of CRH, CRH was modified via impregnation with a cationic biocompatible polymer, polyethlyenimine (PEI) to form PEI-CRH. The modified sample exhibits a remarkably higher (10-50 times) oil/water (O/W) separation efficiency than that of the unmodified one. Small PEI-CRH particles (about 64 μm) are found to adsorb oil droplets faster and larger quantities than bigger particles (about 113 and 288 μm). PEI-CRH exhibits higher separation efficiency at high temperatures owing to the destabilization of the emulsion. It is also found that the oil adsorption mechanism involves a chemical interaction between PEI-CRH and oil droplets. The addition of NaCl considerably improves the separation efficiency, while the addition of a cationic surfactant has the opposite effect. In acidic emulsions, PEI-CRH adsorbs more oil than in neutral or basic conditions owing to favorable attractive forces between oil droplets and the surface of PEI-CRH. PEI-CRH can be easily regenerated by washing with ethanol. These promising features of PEI-CRH indicate that PEI-CRH could be an efficient and low-cost adsorbent for the O/W separation applications.
DOI: 10.1007/s11356-014-3961-x
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