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標題: Color multiplexing method to capture front and side images with a capsule endoscope
作者: Tseng, Yung-Chieh
Hsu, Hsun-Ching
Han, Pin
Tsai, Cheng-Mu
Project: Applied optics, Volume 54, Issue 28, Page(s) E241-8.
This paper proposes a capsule endoscope (CE), based on color multiplexing, to simultaneously record front and side images. Only one lens associated with an X-cube prism is employed to catch the front and side view profiles in the CE. Three color filters and polarizers are placed on three sides of an X-cube prism. When objects locate at one of the X-cube's three sides, front and side view profiles of different colors will be caught through the proposed lens and recorded at the color image sensor. The proposed color multiplexing CE (CMCE) is designed with a field of view of up to 210 deg and a 180 lp/mm resolution under f-number 2.8 and overall length 13.323 mm. A ray-tracing simulation in the CMCE with the color multiplexing mechanism verifies that the CMCE not only records the front and side view profiles at the same time, but also has great image quality at a small size.
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