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標題: Re-assess Vector Indices Threshold as an Early Warning Tool for Predicting Dengue Epidemic in a Dengue Non-endemic Country
作者: Chang, Fong-Shue
Tseng, Yao-Ting
Hsu, Pi-Shan
Chen, Chaur-Dong
Lian, Ie-Bin
Chao, Day-Yu
關鍵字: Animals;Cities;Climate;Dengue;Female;Humans;Insect Vectors;Models, Statistical;Taiwan;Urban Population;Disease Outbreaks;Epidemiologic Methods
Project: PLoS neglected tropical diseases, Volume 9, Issue 9, Page(s) e0004043.
Despite dengue dynamics being driven by complex interactions between human hosts, mosquito vectors and viruses that are influenced by climate factors, an operational model that will enable health authorities to anticipate the outbreak risk in a dengue non-endemic area has not been developed. The objectives of this study were to evaluate the temporal relationship between meteorological variables, entomological surveillance indices and confirmed dengue cases; and to establish the threshold for entomological surveillance indices including three mosquito larval indices [Breteau (BI), Container (CI) and House indices (HI)] and one adult index (AI) as an early warning tool for dengue epidemic.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pntd.0004043
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