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標題: 不同環境對聚對苯二甲酸乙烯酯質傳的影響
The Effect of different environments on the mass transport in POly(Ethylene Terephthalate)
作者: 蕭世宏
Shyh Horng, Shore
關鍵字: mass transport;質傳
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
摘要 經過目前的研究,丙酮及乙酸乙酯
在聚對苯二甲酸乙烯酯Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)(PET)中均有質傳
的現象;本文透過Fickian model(Case I)及Case II模型來研究此種質傳
吸收測 量,求出擴散係數D\擴散速率v並可量得溶解度之值。將lnD對絕
Thomson 方程式可以解釋結晶的厚度與熔點的關係。試片在真空烘箱中預

Abstract Acetone and ethyl
acetate are used as the solvents for the study ofmass transport
in Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)(PET). Based on Harmon's
modelfor Case I(Fickian),Case II(swelling) and anomalous
transport,the data of mass uptake were analyzed. Pure Case I or
Case II behavior did not appear in the both PET-solvents system
and is affected by the atmosphere and preheatingmedium. The
mass transport in PET is accompanied by a large-scale structural
rearrangement,which leads to the induced crystallization of the
original amorphous state. Solvent-induced crystallization was
confirmed by optical microscopy (OM),X-ray diffraction (XRD),and
Differential Scanning Calorimeter(DSC),which is quite different
from the thermal crystallization. The density of specimen was
measured by the Archimedes' principle,which can be used to
estimate the weight percent of crystallites in the sample. The
density ofspecimen annealed in air was approximately the same as
that annealed in vacuum. The equation of Gibbs-Thomson is
empolyed to explain the relationshipof crystal-thickness and
melting points obtained by DSC.
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