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標題: 電解沉積氧化鋁陶瓷膜於MAR-M247超合金之研究
Electrolytic Deposition of Al2O3 on MAR-M247 Superalloy
作者: 張正君
Chang, Cheng-Chun
關鍵字: Electrolytic Deposition;電解沉積;Alumina Coating;Superalloy;氧化鋁;超合金
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
XRD、TGA及刮痕試驗機等儀器來分析氧化鋁薄膜之性質。 經由H2O、
+ e ->H2; 第二階段為Al 3+與水形成錯離子Al(H2O)3 3+ 得到電子形成
氫氧化鋁及氫氣:Al(H2O)3 3+ + 3e -> Al(OH)3 + 3/2 H2;第三階段為
Al(H2O)3 3+擴散極限;第四階段為H2O還原,2H2O + 2e -> H2 + 2OH-。
amorphous -> r-Al2O3 -> d-Al2O3-> 0-Al2O3。經由循環極化及TGA測試

MAR-M247 superalloy was electrochemically coated with Al2O3
in Al(NO3)3 aqueous solution. The characterization of the
alumina coatingson MAR-M247 superalloy was conducted by using
potentiostat spectroscopy,SEM/EDS, XRD, TGA and scratch test
techniques. Through the analysis of cathodic polarization
experiments in H2O, NaNO3,HCl and the mixture of HCl and NaNO3
solutions respectively, it was suggest that the cathodic
polarization curves of MAR-M247 superalloy in Al(NO3)3 could be
comminuted into four steps:1. The reduction of H2: H+ + e ->
H2, 2. Thereduction of Al(H2O3)3 3+: Al(H2O3)3 3+ + 3e -> Al(
OH)3 + 3/2 H2, 3. The diffusion limlt of Al(H2O)3 3+ complex
ion, 4. The reduction of H2O: 2H2O +2e -> H2 + 2OH-. Auniform
thin film of deposition without crack was found in C2
concentrationand for d2 deposition duration. The X-ray diff
ction (XRD) diagrams showed that the Al(OH)3 gel was transformed
into amorphous ->r-Al2O3 ->d-Al2O3 -> 0-Al2O3.The cycle
polarization test and TGA indicate that alumina coating on MAR-
M247 superalloy are more resistance in corrosion and oxidation,
respectively. Thescratch test indicated that adhesion of alumina
coating on MAR-M247 superalloy can resists the load stress
larger than the yield stress of the alloy.
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