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標題: 《老子》三十二章「始制有名」重詮
A Reinterpretation of the Phrase “ShizhiYouming” in Chapter 32 in the Laozi
作者: 蕭振聲
Siu Chun-Sing
關鍵字: 老子;始制有名;無為;詮釋;Laozi;Shizhi Youming;Action without Acting;Interpretation
出版社: 臺中市:國立中興大學中國文學系
Project: 興大中文學報, Volume 39, Page(s) 1-28.
In interpreting the phrase “shizhiyouming” in chapter 32 in the Laozi, almost all
of the scholars from the past to present hold either a politic or a linguistic view, which
are generally regarded as being so logical as well as textually rigid. However, this
article attempts to argue that, by putting the phrase in the context of Laozi’s
philosophy of wu-wei (action without acting), which at the same time connects with an
investigation of special usage of some technical terms such as shi and you-ming, and
with certain sentences occurred in different versions of Laozi mainly excavated from
graves in the period between the warring states and Han dynasty in past several
decades, it will be able to offer a new interpretation of what shizhiyouming means, an
interpretation that is much more reasonable, and even coherent, than the two main
perspectives mentioned above.

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