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標題: 新型含磷/矽環氧樹脂之製備及其阻燃效應之探討
Novel Epoxy Resin Based on P/Si and Their Flame Retardancy
作者: 曹俊
Thou, Jing
關鍵字: BAPPO;含磷硬化劑;TGPSO;flame retardancies;thermal degradation;矽環氧樹脂;熱裂解與難燃;性質
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
摘 要 本研究以製備含磷硬化劑(
別與TGPSO和diglycidyl ether of bisphenol A(DGEBA)型環氧樹脂單體(
探討其硬化物的熱裂解與難燃等性質. 在材料的硬化動力學方面,由
高,由此可知磷/矽環氧樹脂具有較佳的阻燃效應. 為了進一步了解含
磷/矽環樹脂的熱裂解行為,本研究利用熱裂解氣相層析質譜 儀(Py-GC/
結果一致,證實了磷/矽環氧樹脂具有較佳的阻燃效應. 由本研究中得

Abstract The phosphorus -containing
curing agent(BAPPO) and the silicon-containing epoxy(TGPSO) were
synthesized and the characteristic of these phosphorus/silicon
-containing epoxy resins was studied.Firt,the flame retardancies
of BAPPO and TGPSO were studied via comparing it with Epon828
and DDM system.The thermal degradation behavior of BAPPO and
TGPSO were studied via Py -GC/MASS and TGA/MASS. For curing
reaction studies of TGPSO with BAPPO,a DSC dynamic method have
been applied.According to the result of analysis,theinitial
curing temperature of TGPSO with BAPPO(T cured=65) is lowerthan
that of Epon828 with BAPPO(T cured=105),and the reaction rate
isfaster than Epon828.This result indicated that the reactivity
of TGPSOwith BAPPO is better than Epon828 in curing reaction.
For the flame retardancy properties of TGPSO and BAPPO,LOI and
char yield have been studied.In the Epon828/(BAPPO/DDM) system,
LOIvalue is increased from 26 to 33 as mount of BAPPO,as the
same time,the char yield is also increased from 16% to 28% .This
result exhibitedthat the flame retardancy property of epoxy
resin is enhanced via introducing of phosphorus -containing
curing agent(BAPPO). In the(TGPSO/Epon828) BAPPO system,the
LOI value have increased to36,and char yield is increased to 43%
.This result showed that flameretardancy property of epoxy resin
is also enhanced via introducingof silicon -containing epoxy(
TGPSO). To understand the effect of thermal degradation
behavior of TGPSOand BAPPO,the Py -GC/MASS and TGA/MASS spectrum
have applied to detectthe pyrolysis products.In Py -GC/MASS
spectrum,the combustible pyrolysisproduct C2H4 could be
depressed,when phosphorus/silicon is introducinginto the epoxy
resins.This is reason why char yield could be increased,when
phosphorus/silicon is introduced. . InTGA/MASS spectrum,the
phenol coming from BAPPO was first detectedin the epoxy resin
containing BAPPO only,the phenol coming from BAPPO,and benzene
coming from TGPSO was first detected at the same time whenBAPPO
and TGPSO were introducing into epoxy resin.From these TGA/MASS
analysis,the epoxy resin containing phosphorus is degradated
from P-Obond of BAPPO,and the epoxy resin containing phosphorus/
silicon aredegradated from P-O bond of BAPPO as well as Si-C
bond of TGPSO.
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