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標題: Spectral Shift Amplification and Polarization-Controlled Spectral Shift with Silver Metal
作者: Pin Han
Yung-Chieh Tseng
韓 斌
關鍵字: spectral shift;shift amplification;polarization-controlled;spectral switch;silver metal
Project: Metals, 2016, 6(1), 7
The spectral shift amplification effect and polarization-controlled spectral shifts are studied using silver (Ag) metal. The spectral shift amplification factor can be doubled by using silver compared with using water. The solid Ag metal surface also provides orientation freedom for polarization-controlled spectral shifts, benefiting data transmission applications in any direction. The liquid water interface provides only limited direction at the Brewster angle. Besides those advantages, the higher reflectivity of Ag reflects higher spectral intensity, which makes the signal easier to detect. The spectral switch phenomenon that depends on the central wavelength variation is also presented.
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