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標題: Gain Enhancement of Single-Mode Cr-Doped Core Fibers by Online Growth System
作者: Chun-Nien Liu
Gia-Ling Cheng
Nan-Kuang Chen
Pi-Ling Huang
Sheng-Lung Huang
Wood-Hi Cheng
關鍵字: Optical fiber amplifiers;Gain;Crystals;Optical fiber networks;Wavelength measurement
Project: IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Volume 28, Issue 19, Oct.1, 1 2016
Gain enhancement of single-mode Cr-doped crystalline core fiber (SMCDCCF) with longer fiber length fabricated by online laser-heated pedestal growth (LHPG) technique is demonstrated. In comparison with the SMCDCCF fabricated without online growth, the online technique enables real-time monitoring and controlling small molten zone in the LHPG to achieve longer length with better uniformity and smaller core diameter of the SMCDCCFs. The SMCDCCF exhibits a length of 10.6 cm, a core diameter of 25 μm, and a V-value of 2.40, which confirms the LP01 single-mode operation by the far-field pattern measurement. A 3.9-dB gross gain and a 1.9-dB net gain of the SMCDCCF at the wavelength of 1400 nm were obtained. The gross and net gains are the highest yet reported of the SMCDCCFs. Further development on higher gain of the SMCDCCF may be functioned the SMCDCCF as a broadband fiber amplifier for use in the next-generation fiber transmission systems.
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