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標題: Thin-Film Transistor-Based Biosensors for Determining Stoichiometry of Biochemical Reactions
作者: Wang, Yi-Wen
Chen, Ting-Yang
Yang, Tsung-Han
Chang, Cheng-Chung
Yang, Tsung-Lin
Lo, Yu-Hwa
Huang, Jian-Jang
關鍵字: Biosensing Techniques;Electric Conductivity;Kinetics;NAD;Oxaloacetic Acid;Transistors, Electronic
Project: PloS one, Volume 11, Issue 12, Page(s) e0169094.
The enzyme kinetic in a biochemical reaction is critical to scientific research and drug discovery but can hardly be determined experimentally from enzyme assays. In this work, a charge-current transducer (a transistor) is proposed to evaluate the status of biochemical reaction by monitoring the electrical charge changes. Using the malate-aspartate shuttle as an example, a thin-film transistor (TFT)-based biosensor with an extended gold pad is demonstrated to detect the biochemical reaction between NADH and NAD+. The drain current change indicates the status of chemical equilibrium and stoichiometry.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0169094
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