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標題: A new species of freshwater crab of the genus Tiwaripotamon Bott, 1970 (Crustacea, Brachyura, Potamidae) from northern Vietnam and southern China.
作者: Van Tu Do
Hsi-Te Shih
Chao Huang
關鍵字: COI;cytochrome oxidase subunit I;mitochondrial DNA;taxonomy;Tiwaripotamon pluviosum
Project: Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. 2016, Vol. 64, p213-219. 7p.
A new freshwater crab species of the family Potamidae is described from the boundaries of northern Vietnam and southern China. Tiwaripotamon pluviosum sp. nov. can be distinguished from other species by a suite of morphological characters, including a relatively flat carapace, relatively less slender legs, and distinct dorsal flaps on the male first gonopods. Molecular data using the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase subunit I (COI) also supports this species as being new. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]

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