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標題: 窄帶濾光片在高色純度發光二極體之應用研究
Study of narrow-band-pass filters for high-color-purity LED applications
作者: 劉佳樺
Liu, Chia-Hua
關鍵字: narrow band pass filter;窄帶濾光片;LEDs;color-purity;color gamut;發光二極體;色純度;色域
出版社: 材料科學與工程學系
本論文主要以提升發光二極體之色純度為主題,研究並製作光學濾光片應用到紅、藍、綠光發光二極體上,再以量測儀器觀察發光光譜半高寬之縮減程度以評估濾光片提升色純度之效果,並利用CIE 色度座標之色域範圍評估在提高色純度後,對於色域之改善程度。而色域範圍之定義以美國國家電視系統標準委員會(NTSC)所制訂之色彩範圍為100%,並以此標準作為色域之比較。
實驗結果以三色窄帶濾光片對於提升發光二極體色純度之效果最好,而最佳之基板為0.4mm玻璃,三色窄帶濾光玻璃在軸向光時可將紅、藍、綠光之半高寬縮減至17nm以下,而且可使CIE座標之色域範圍由原本之118.41% NTSC,提高至132.56 % NTSC。另外發現本實驗之濾光片在側向光應用時是不適用的,主要是受到結構性漏光與發光角度不同之問題所致。

The main objective of this thesis is to study on how to improve the color-purity of LEDs, design and develop the optical filter to apply on RGB LEDs. Using measuring equipments to measure the spectrum and check the effects of improving the color-purity of LEDs. And estimating the effects on color gamut after improving the color-purity of LEDs by check the space on the CIE chromaticity coordinates. The standard color of space that had been approved by the National Television System Committee (NTSC) is used as the reference and defined as 100%.
About the FWHM (Full Width Half Maximum) of Green light is too wide and there is mixed-zone between blue and green light in the RGB LEDs spectrum, we design green light narrow band-pass filter, mixed-zone band-stop filter and RGB narrow band-pass filter by optical design software. And we use the materials of TiO2 and SiO2 to make the filter film by thin film evaporation equipment.
From the experiment, we have found the results as following:
1. The RGB-narrow-band-pass-filter is the best one for improving the LED color purity, and the 0.4mm-glass is the best substrate.
2. The FWHM of red, green and blue light were decreasing under 17nm in axial light measurement after RGB-narrow-band-pass-filter apply on LEDs, and the range of color gamut was increasing from 118.41% to 132.56% according to NTSC standard.
3. The limitation of this study is that the filters in our experiments can not be effective for lateral light because of the light leaking from cross-section of LED chip and the different incident angle of light.
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