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標題: A Doubt on Xunzian Idea of 'Human Nature is Good'
作者: Siu Chun-Sing
關鍵字: 荀子;人性向善論;弱性善觀;形上性善論;Xunzi;Human Nature as Tending toward Goodness;Weak Goodness in Human Nature;Good Nature at the Metaphysical Level
出版社: 東吳大學
Project: 東吳哲學學報, Volume 34, Page(s) 61-96.

In contrast to the traditional connection between Xunzi and his doctrine of 'human nature is evil,' scholars nowadays generally categorize Xunzi as implicitly holding the idea of 'human nature is good.' Broadly speaking, there are at least three versions of Xunzian theory of human nature is good that are prevalent among contemporary academia, which include Fu Peirong's theory of human nature as tending toward goodness (ren xing xiang shan lun), Liu Youming's concept of weak goodness in human nature (ruo xing shan guan), as well as Lu Debin's idea of good nature at the metaphysical level (xing shang xing shan lun). This article aims to criticize these three versions of Xunzian goodness, arguing that it may not be a reasonable way to interpret Xunzi as a philosopher with a belief of 'human nature is good.'
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