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標題: The Expression of Self-life Expectations in the Weird Novel Xie Duo
《諧鐸》志怪敘寫中 對自我生命期許之表述
作者: Huang Tung-Yang
關鍵字: 沈起鳳;《諧鐸》;清代;志怪小說;清代文人;Shen Qi-Feng;Xie Duo;Qing Dynasty;weird novels;literati of the Qing Dynasty
出版社: 成功大學
Project: 成大中文學報, Volume 54, Page(s) 97-132.

The Qing Dynasty weird novel Xie Duo is the subject of this paper. It was used to understand how the literati viewed and defined the life value when they repeatedly met with frustrations. As for the self-cognition of the author, he first understood and recognized himself well that he was to be the role model of an official as expected by the Confucians, thus could use the truth in the Confucian classics to appraise the current affairs. As for the goal of life, Xie Duo requested that intellectuals must understand their significance and duty in the society, had to experience and observe, and also interpret the core value of the Confucian classics, and went even further to point out the malady in the class division of work and social climate and proposed methods of reform as the goal for himself and intellectuals under the same circumstances to work together. To emphasize the orthodoxy, the literature view, life outlook and morality advocated in Xie Duo were rather conservative, anything contradicted with Confucian concept of value was all considered heresy. Because this book could reflect the mind of literati with similar experience, it was comprehended and accepted by the intellectuals. Thus we can see the change of writing style in weird novels of the Qing Dynasty and the mentality of the literati embedded in it.
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