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標題: Functional diversity and dominant populations of bacteria in banana plantation soils as influenced by long-term organic and conventional farming
作者: Yu-Meng Chou
Fo-Ting Shen
Shih-Chao Chiang
Chun-Mei Chang
關鍵字: Functional diversity;Dominant populations of bacteria;Banana plantation soils;Long-term organic and conventional farming
Project: Applied Soil Ecology, Volume 110, February 2017, Pages 21-33
A three-year field study (2012–2014) of functional diversity and dominant populations of bacteria in banana plantation soils after long-term organic and conventional farming was conducted. The pH and water content were significantly higher in 17-year and 7-year organic farming soils than that in 39-year conventional farming soils, while organic matter content and viable numbers of four bacterial groups were also slightly higher. Both organic farming soils harbored diverse functional potential and metabolic activity of fast-growing heterotrophs, as can be seen from higher substrate richness, average well color development value and diversity index. Distinct carbon source utilization patterns between organic and conventional farming soils were demonstrated through principal component analysis. A limited number of heterotrophs were isolated during 2012–2013 sampling period to obtain culturable populations, and 16S rDNA sequence analyses assigned them mainly to the phylum Firmicutes. As for 2014-collected samples more diverse uncultured phyla were revealed by clone library-based method, and members belonging to the phylum Proteobacteria were more prevalent in banana plantation soils. The predominance of copiotrophic members affiliated with β-proteobacteria and fewer clones belonging to oligotrophic Acidobacteria and α-Proteobacteria especially in 7-year organic farming soils may contribute to higher functional diversity of fast-growing heterotrophs. The present study addressed functional diversity and dominant populations of bacteria in banana plantation soils and provided insight into the influences caused by long-term organic and conventional farming.
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