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標題: Transflective BPIII mode with no internal reflector
作者: Hui-Yu Chen
Sheng-Feng Lu
Pin-Hung Wu
Ching-Sheng Wang
關鍵字: Blue phase;liquid crystal;electro-optical property
Project: Liquid Crystals, Volume 44, 2017, Issue 3
A transflective device without reflector using room temperature blue phase III (BPIII) material is demonstrated in this study. In this device, the coupling of an induced birefringence and field-induced BP, relating the ordered orientation of the double-helix cylinders, causes the reflection and transmission. Compared with other reported transflective liquid crystal devices, the BPIII device shown here does not need any type of internal reflector. Well-matched voltage-dependent transmittance and reflectance curves can be obtained easily without considering the cell gap and incident wavelength. The total response time is less than 2 ms, which is also independent of the cell gap. The experimental results exhibit a simple way to get a transflective device with good ability based on the electro-optical properties of BPIII.
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