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標題: RCA桃園設廠與汙染事件(1970~2015)
RCA’s Investment in Taoyuan and It’s Pollution, 1970-2015
作者: 吳昱賢
Yu-Hsien Wu
關鍵字: 美援;RCA;污染事件;賠償官司;U.S.A. Aid;RCA;Pollution;Compensation lawsuit

After Korean War, America government recoverly gave funds to Taiwan than its assisits to KMT in China. This assistance named “U.S.A Aid”generally supply to Taiwan 1 million dollars in a year averagely from 1950 to 1965.Because this assistance, Taiwan’s industry can rebuild like it before WWII and Taiwan’s elite can study abord to U.S.A in this assistant department. In 1960, because punch at the other country overseas and domestic law, RCA’s product price raise gradually. There want to found an area than has cheap labor, loose laws and fundamental industry even close American’s Capitalism. Taiwan fairly meets than above to list and it want to attract to invest at oversea company. RCA officially invest and build in Taiwan in 1970.
RCA has top of resource, technology, equipment and welfare comparely with traditionally domestic factory and it gets more and more great achievement in export amount likes model of foreign company. Unfortunately, in 1994, after the factory had closed 2 years ago, the people report to legislators accused RCA pollute soil and groundwater at square of factory in Taoyuan. Long time ago, RCA had dumped lot of toxic organic solvents bring about the labor in factory suffering from Breast cancer, Cervical cancer and abortion.
Be injured labor set up the organization after pollution issue happen. There dissatisfied Taiwan government deal with incident, so it accused RCA then must compensate labor who suffer from toxic organic solvents. In 2015, the court in Taipei adjudicated labor win a lawsuit and RCA must compensate it 560 million dollas. Base on RCA’s pollution then began and result.
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