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標題: Fabrication and Gas-Sensing Properties of Ni-Silicide/Si Nanowires
作者: Hsu, Hsun-Feng
Chen, Chun-An
Liu, Shang-Wu
Tang, Chun-Kai
關鍵字: Nanowire;Scanning probe lithography;Schottky barrier;Sensor;Si;Silicide
Project: Nanoscale research letters, Volume 12, Issue 1, Page(s) 182.
Ni-silicide/Si nanowires were fabricated by atomic force microscope nano-oxidation on silicon-on-insulator substrates, selective wet etching, and reactive deposition epitaxy. Ni-silicide nanocrystal-modified Si nanowire and Ni-silicide/Si heterostructure multi-stacked nanowire were formed by low- and high-coverage depositions of Ni, respectively. The Ni-silicide/Si Schottky junction and Ni-silicide region were attributed high- and low-resistance parts of nanowire, respectively, causing the resistance of the Ni-silicide nanocrystal-modified Si nanowire and the Ni-silicide/Si heterostructure multi-stacked nanowire to be a little higher and much lower than that of Si nanowire. An O2 sensing device was formed from a nanowire that was mounted on Pt electrodes. When the nanowires exposed to O2, the increase in current in the Ni-silicide/Si heterostructure multi-stacked nanowire was much larger than that in the other nanowires. The Ni-silicide nanocrystal-modified Si nanowire device had the highest sensitivity. The phenomenon can be explained by the formation of a Schottky junction at the Ni-silicide/Si interface in these two types of Ni-Silicide/Si nanowire and the formation of a hole channel at the silicon nanowire/native oxide interface after exposing the nanowires to O2.
ISSN: 1931-7573
DOI: 10.1186/s11671-017-1955-6
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