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標題: Simulation analysis of performances and yield rates on a lens module
作者: 蔡政穆
Cheng-Mu Tsai
Kuan-Chieh Huang
關鍵字: Opto-mechanics system;tolerance;lens system;Monte Carlo simulation
Project: Advances in Mechanical Engineering, 2017, Vol. 9(11) 1–8
A simulation platform is developed to analyze the tolerance ability of designed lens in the opto-mechanical system. The major task of lens designer is to find out the optimal parameters to meet the specification requirement. A real lens with decenter, tilt, and lens parameters’ variation could lower the performance of lens. The original parameters from the lens designer suffer certain probability distribution during manufacturing lenses so that the performance of assembly lens is always different from that of the optimal design. The proposal applies a variety of probability density functions of the manufacture to obtain the tolerance parameters used in simulation. Some macros of commercial optical software based on the Monte Carlo method are developed to simulate the lens manufacture tolerance and analyze the yield rate for mass production. With proper probability density functions of the manufacture, the tolerance can be estimated from the proposed algorithm.
DOI: 10.1177/1687814017733232
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