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標題: Ectopic expression of specific GA2 oxidase mutants promotes yield and stress tolerance in rice
作者: Lo, Shuen-Fang
Ho, Tuan-Hua David
Liu, Yi-Lun
Jiang, Mirng-Jier
Hsieh, Kun-Ting
Chen, Ku-Ting
Yu, Lin-Chih
Lee, Miin-Huey
Chen, Chi-Yu
Huang, Tzu-Pi
Kojima, Mikiko
Sakakibara, Hitoshi
Chen, Liang-Jwu
Yu, Su-May
關鍵字: GA 2 oxidase 6;gibberellin;photosynthesis rate;plant architecture;rice;stress tolerance;yield;Ectopic Gene Expression;Gibberellins;Mutation;N-Acetylgalactosaminyltransferases;Oryza;Photosynthesis;Plant Proteins;Plants, Genetically Modified;Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
Project: Plant biotechnology journal, Volume 15, Issue 7, Page(s) 850-864.
A major challenge of modern agricultural biotechnology is the optimization of plant architecture for enhanced productivity, stress tolerance and water use efficiency (WUE). To optimize plant height and tillering that directly link to grain yield in cereals and are known to be tightly regulated by gibberellins (GAs), we attenuated the endogenous levels of GAs in rice via its degradation. GA 2-oxidase (GA2ox) is a key enzyme that inactivates endogenous GAs and their precursors. We identified three conserved domains in a unique class of C20 GA2ox, GA2ox6, which is known to regulate the architecture and function of rice plants. We mutated nine specific amino acids in these conserved domains and observed a gradient of effects on plant height. Ectopic expression of some of these GA2ox6 mutants moderately lowered GA levels and reprogrammed transcriptional networks, leading to reduced plant height, more productive tillers, expanded root system, higher WUE and photosynthesis rate, and elevated abiotic and biotic stress tolerance in transgenic rice. Combinations of these beneficial traits conferred not only drought and disease tolerance but also increased grain yield by 10-30% in field trials. Our studies hold the promise of manipulating GA levels to substantially improve plant architecture, stress tolerance and grain yield in rice and possibly in other major crops.
DOI: 10.1111/pbi.12681
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