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標題: Development of Achievement Inventory on High Rope Courses
作者: 林楷
Kai Lin
Chung-Long Yu
關鍵字: self-growth;team building;motor skills;management skills;自我成長;團隊建立;動作技能;管理技能
出版社: 大專體育學刊
Project: 大專體育學刊 ; 19卷2期 (2017 / 06 / 30) , P122 - 133
The purpose of this study was to develop the Achievement Inventory on High Rope Courses. The inventory development can be used to identify the model that the participants have learned after completing a high rope course, and the important factors of high rope course achievement. This study integrated exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) into a two-stage process. Stage one was to produce a measuring inventory by generating initial items and proposing the initial model by the factor deduction process of EFA. Stage two was to confirm the measuring inventory and check the reliability and validity of the inventory. The data were collected from the participants of a military training camp with a high rope course in Taiwan. A total of 694 valid questionnaires were collected from the participants. First, 324 valid questionnaires were retrieved to establish the initial model by exploring related items and factors for constituting the initial model. Second, another 370 valid questionnaires were retrieved to test the model by confirming the factors and structure for finalizing the achievement of high rope courses. The results showed that Achievement Inventory on High Rope Courses (AIHR) had 19 items with four stable factorial components, including self-growth, team building, motor skills, and management skills. Our results further presented that participants learn from the high rope courses are not only include fitness of motor skills, but also personal development of self-growth and management skills, as well as the interpersonal skills of team building. Among these achievements from high rope courses, the factor of motor skills was a newly identified effect for the rope courses through this study other than the factors of self-growth, team building, and management skills, which had presented in previous studies. We conclude that the developed inventory demonstrated a well-constructed measurement with acceptable validity and reliability processed the practical value of measurement that could evaluate the achievement of taking the high rope courses.
DOI: 10.5297/ser.1902.002
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