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標題: 反覆增減孔隙水壓對土壤行為的影響
The effects of cyclic changes of pore water pressure on soil behavior
作者: Jui-Kai Liao
關鍵字: triaxial test;pore water pressure;creep;三軸試驗;孔隙水壓;潛變
引用: 1. Chang, K. T.* and Huang, H. C. (2015). 'Three-dimensional analysis of a deep-seated landslide in central Taiwan.', Environmental Earth Sciences, 74(2), 1379-1390. 2. Eigenbrod K.D. (1993). 'Downslope movements at shallow depths related to cyclic pore-pressure changes.', Can. Geotech. J. , 30, pp. 464-475 3. Petley, D. N., & Allison, R. J. (1997). The mechanics of deep‐seated landslides. Earth surface processes and landforms, 22(8), 747-758. 4. Sawicki, A., Mierczyński, J., & Świdziński, W. (2013). 'Apparent creep of saturated sand caused by intrinsic cyclic loading.', Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 140(2),06013002-3. 5. Take, W. A., & Bolton, M. D. (2011). 'Seasonal ratcheting and softening in clay slopes, leading tofirst-time failure.', Géotechnique, 61(9), 757-769. 6. Wood, D.M. (1990). 'Soil behavior and critical state soil mechanics(1).', the United States, Cambridge University Press.
The purpose of this study is to change the pore water pressure in triaxial tests, simulate that underground soil behavior affected by the changes of ground water table. We conducted triaxial tests with sinusoidal cyclic changes of pore pressure in fixed deviator stress. The soil behavior in this situation is similar to creep behavior. We observed how this behavior affected the soil.
Non-cohesive and cohesive soils are tested. The test results show that the behavior of non-cohesive soil is slightly affected by the cyclic changes of pore pressure. Cohesive soil is weakened due to the times of pore pressure cyclic changes, and would probably be failed in the deviator stress under the monotonic loading strength.
The controlled deviator stress of pore pressure cyclic changes divides the soil behavior into two parts: failure-able and stable. The boundary between two kinds of soil behavior is the soil residual strength. When the controlled deviator stress is larger than the soil residual strength, the soil is failure-able by the cyclic changes of pore pressure. When the controlled deviator stress is less than the soil residual strength, the effects of pore pressure cyclic changes are restricted.

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