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標題: 岩層弱面性質對邊坡變形與破壞行為的影響
Influence of weak planes properties on deformation and failure behavior of slopes
作者: Hsin-Ming Wu
關鍵字: Slope;Distinct Element Method;Displacement;邊坡;分離元素法;位移量
引用: 丁璇(2014) 「山谷兩側兼具傾倒與順向坡構造之坍滑機制」國立台灣科技大學營建工程學系碩士學位論文。 吳政賢(2015)「板岩邊坡之重力變形機制研究-以模型試驗及分離元素法探討」國立高雄大學土木與工程學系碩士學位論文。 邱昶瀚、陳志南(2012)「陡峭岩坡之傾倒機制探討」國立台灣科技大學營建工程學系碩士學位論文。 莊庭鳳(103)「以分離元素法探討板岩邊坡變形機制」國立高雄大學土木與工程學系碩士學位論文。 張光宗、葛宇甯 (2014) 「強度折減法與重力增加法在邊坡穩定分析的應用」,2014 岩盤工程研討會,207-213。 張光宗、黃祥慶、林銘郎、張益通(2009)「板岩地滑區的地質調查與分析-以廬山溫泉滑動邊坡為例」中華水土保持學報,40(4):393-407(2009) 楊東賢(1990)「風化作用對中橫公路板岩強度影響之研究」碩士學位論文。 潘安士(2011)「以有限元素法分析板岩邊坡潛移與漸進破壞行為」中興大學碩士學位論文。 羅佳明、翁孟嘉、林雨璇、劉佩絹(2014)「物理模型試驗應用於順向坡板岩變形特性之研究」中華水土保持學報, 45(3): 165-173 (2014)。 羅偉、楊昭男(2000)「霧社五萬分之一圖幅測製計畫」。 Chang, K. T.*, Huang, H. C. (2015). 'Three-dimensional analysis of a deep-seated landslide incentral Taiwan.', Environmental Earth Sciences, 74(2), 1379-1390. Chigira, M(1992)., 'Long-term Gravitational deformation of rocks by mass rock creep', Engineering Geology,Vol. 32, pp.157-184 Cundall ,Hart (1992) 'Nunerical modelling of discontinua Engineering Computations' ISSN: 0264-4401 Hoek E., Bray J.W. (1977) 'Rock slope engineering Institution of Mining and Metallurgy', London, UK Itasca Consulting Group. UDEC (Universal Distinct Element Code) Version 4.0. Minneapolis, Minnesota (2004). Nichol S.L., Hungr O. and Evans S.G.(2002) 'Large-scale brittle and ductile toppling of rock slopes',Can. Geotech,39,773-788. Preh A. and Poisel R. (2004)A UDEC model for 'kink and slumping' type failures of rock slopes, in Numerical Modeling of Discrete Materials in Geotechnical Engineering, Civil Engineering & Earth Sciences (1st International UDEC/3DEC Symposium, Bochum, Germany, September 2004), 243-247. Varnes, D. J. (1978) Slope movement types and processes: In Landslides,Analysis and Control. Nat. Acad. Sci. Spec. Rep., 176, 11-35. West , T . R , ' (1995) Geology applited to engineer' Chen Yi-Feng、Kai Wei、Wu Liu、Hu Shao-Hua 、Ran HuChuang-Bing Zhou(2016)Experimental Characterization and Micromechanical Modelling of Anisotropic Slates ,Rock Mechanics and Rock EngineeringSeptember, Volume 49, Issue 9, pp 3541–3557
Rock slope subjected to weathering and changes in groundwater levels will make the material gradually weakened, resulting in rock slope creeping, folding or progressive damage. The displacement of a rock slope does not necessarily mean that it reaches the condition of collapse. Events of typhoon and heavy rainfall will cause displacement, the phenomena may continue for more than a few years or even decades. Using the UDEC numerical analysis software, the strength reduction method, the gravity increase method and the groundwater level elevation method are used to study the effects of weak planes and spacing on slope behavior.
In this study, we use equilibrium ratio and the number of calculation steps to define the failure condition. The cumulative displacements before collapse are compared for slopes with the same safety factor but different orientations and spacing of weak planes. The simulated deformation is consistent with the deformation behavior in literature.
The results show that cataclinal slopes yield more displacement than cataclinal slope do. Moreover the more vertical the weak planes are, the more cumulative displacement obtained.

本研究利用equilibrium ratio和計算步數精確定義破壞條件,以不同方式來模擬具有不同弱面位態和間距但相同安全係數之邊坡在破壞前所累積之位移量大小,再將破壞形式與前人研究比較,其研究結果顯示,邊坡變形行為,和文獻回顧中受重力作用之板岩邊坡變形行為相符。
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