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標題: 以應力波法檢測混凝土修復植筋灌注epoxy之長度
The use of stress wave to evaluate the epoxy injection length of steel bar anchorage in concrete repair
作者: Kai-Chung Teng
關鍵字: 敲擊回音;epoxy植筋檢測;Impact-echo;evaluate the epoxy injection length of steel bar anchorage
引用: 參考文獻 1. 交通部公路總局,施工說明書 2. 葉至瑋,「以敲擊回音法檢測錨筋長度及灌漿品質之探討」,碩士論文,國立中興大學土木工程研究所,台中,2006。 3. 莊江隆,「以應力波時頻分析法檢測混凝土修復植筋灌注epoxy之品質」,碩士論文,國立中興大學土木工程研究所,台中,2016。 4. Wu. T. T., Fang, J. S., Lin, G.. Y. and Kuo, M. K.,'Determination of Elastic Constants of a Concrete Specimen Using Transient Elastic Wave', J. Acoust. Soc. Am., Vol. 98, No.4, October 1995, pp. 2142-2148(1995) 5. 林宜清,陳真芳,蔡聖德,「混凝土構件幾何形狀對波速之影響」興大工程學報,第五期,27~39頁,1994。 6. ASTM C 1383 (1998). 'Standard Test Method for Measuring the P-Wave Speed and the Thickness of Concrete Plates Using the Impact-Echo Method' Annual Book of ASTM Standards, Vol. 04.02., 1998. 7. 胡盟宗,「反射波走時法應用在混凝土構件在混凝土構件之厚度量測」,國立中興大學土木工程研究所博士論文,(2006)。 8. 周培基,「材料對強沖荷載的動態響應」,科學出版社,中國、北京,(1985)。 9. 李輝煌,「ANSYS工程分析-基礎與觀念」,高立圖書有限公司,國立成功大學工程科學系,(2005)。

The purpose of this thesis is to develop a non-destructive test technique for detection of the bonded length and the embedment length of post-installed rebars. In the study, numerical analysis was performed first to investigate the stress wave propagation behavior in the post-installed rebars subjected to impact. Various bonded lengths and embedment lengths of post-installed rebars were considered in the numerical study. The regression analysis was performed based on the numerical results to establish relation curves, which were integrated into a data base. Subsequently, the experimental study were performed to verify the numerical results. The results obtained from the numerical and experimental studies show that there exists a high amplitude peak in the spectrum at a specific frequency that is significantly dominated by the exposed length and the bonded length of the post-installed rebar. Under the same exposed length, the dominant frequency increases with increase in bonded length of the post-installed rebar. The relationship between the bonded length and the dominant frequency is positive and, then, their regression equations can be obtained for a certain exposed length. Through the above findings, the bonded length of the post-installed rebars can be evaluated. The in-pace test procedures for evaluation of the bonded length are suggested as follows. Ultrasonic test can be carried out first to measure the total length of the post-installed rebars. The embedded length is then obtained by subtracting the total length from the exposed length of the post-installed rebar. Subsequently, impact-echo test is performed to find the dominant frequency. The established regression equation can be used to acquire the bonded length of the post-installed rebar. Experimental results show that the estimated errors of the bonded length are almost less than 1 cm. This proves that the newly developed method is suitable for evaluation of the bonded quality of the post-installed rebars.
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