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標題: 水泥處理底層之規範與施工探討
Study on Specifications and Construction of Cement Treated Base
作者: Chia-Wei Yu
關鍵字: 水泥處理底層級配;規範;施工;construction of cement treated base;regulation;construction
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The concrete sheet piles are adopted under the old runway of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to increase the load bearing capacity of the pavement. After years, the rubber feet between the sheet piles have aged, which allows rain to invade the base of the pavement. When airplanes take off or land, the pavement base is squeezed, causing rain to spill from the base with silt and generating voids in the long term.
Therefore, cement is applied to deal with the base in the refurbishment of the runway. This technique can not only improve the above problem but also be regarded as the watertight concrete layer, which will protect the base from being invaded by rain. However, how to deal with the concrete base is not familiar to the technicians in Taiwan, so this study will make an analysis and discussion of both of the constructive examples to conclude the appropriate regulation for future reference.
This study will make an overall integration of the construction examples of BES Engineering Corporation and Pan Asia Corporation in Taoyuan International Airport in terms of the related regulations of materials, construction, and maintenance and discuss the appropriate regulatory conditions. Based on the testing statistics and construction photos, the study will have a clearer understanding of the process from design to completion of the construction of cement treated base, which will serve as the reference for the design and selective regulations of the future related constructions to maximize the construction quality.
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