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標題: 非晶矽薄膜電晶體的研製
Fabrication of Thin Film Transistor
作者: 俞正明
Yu, Ching Ming
關鍵字: amorphous;非晶矽;thin film transistor;薄膜電晶體
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
程以濕蝕刻的方式進行。 內容分為兩大部份,第一部份是氫化非晶
析。其分析結果為N-H / Si-H比值 : (1)氣體流量比(NH3:SiH4)較大者
,N-H/Si-H比值較大, (2)功率密度大的試片,其N-H/Si-H比值較大。
暗電導度 : 與製程參數的變化無明顯的相關性。折射率 : (1)NH3 :
SiH4氣體流量比較大者,值較小。 第二部份是非晶矽薄膜電晶體的
Ioff不到100,臨界電壓Vth約為-1V 。

In this thesis, inverted staggered amorphous silicon thin film
transistors (TFTs) were fabricated on the 10×10 cm2glass
substrate by a totally wet etching process. The thesis can
be divided into two main parts : one is the fabrication of a-
SiNx:H films. The refractive index, dark conductivity and the
bonding ratio N-H/Si-H of a-SiNx:H filmswere analyzed to find
out the influence of deposition conditions.The results of
analysis were shown as follows.N-H/Si-H ratio : (1)Under
larger NH3:SiH4 gas ratio, the value is larger, (2)Under
larger power density, the value is larger. Dark conductivity :
There is no apparent relationship between the dark
conductivityand the variations of deposition conditions.
Refractive index : Under larger NH3:SiH4 gas ratio, the value
is smaller . The other part of this thesis is the
fabrication of the a-Si:H thin film transistors including mask
design、photolithography and fabrication process . Different
etching solutions were tested to find out the suitable solution
and etching rate for each layer of TFT. Three masks were used
to fabricate TFT devices. The Ion/Ioff of device was less than
100 and the threshold voltage(Vth) was about -1V.
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