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標題: 電解沉積氧化鋯對生醫用Ti6Al4V合金上性質之改善
The Improvement of Electrolytic Deposition of ZrO2 Thin Film on the Performance of the Ti6Al4V Alloy
作者: 林俊甫
Lin, Chun Fu
關鍵字: 電解沉積;氧化鋯;Ti6Al4V合金;Electrolytic Deposition;ZrO2;Ti6Al4V Alloy
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
對氧化膜的影響。經燒結處理後再以恆定電位儀(EG&G Model 273A
的性質。 實驗結果顯示,在不同濃度的氧化鋯硝酸鹽溶液中,隨著濃
縫(mud-crack)的現象,沉積均勻的薄膜,乾燥後較不易產生裂縫。 分析
只有以下幾個反應發生:(1) O2 + 2H2O + 4e- 4OH- ;(2) 2H+ + 2e-
H2 ;(3) 2H2O +2e- H2 + 2OH- 。此外,具氧化鋯薄膜塗層的試片,
低E02。經由刮痕試驗可發現,在0~30 N的荷重下,並未有氧化鋯脫落的
現象。此結果顯示,鍍膜在Ti-6Al-4V合金之附著力能克服1700 MPa之荷

In this research, Ti-6Al-4V alloy was selected as the subtract
and electrolyticically deposited with ZrO2 in an aqueous
solution of zirconyl nitrate (ZrO(NO3)2). By controlling the
electrochemical parameters such as concentration, potential, and
time, the effect of these parameters on the thin film was
investigated. From the Potentiostat spectroscopy, scanning
electron microscopy(SEM), X-ray diffractometer(XRD), optical
microscopy (OM), and scratch test, the characteristic of the
thin film was analyzed.It was found that the deposition
potential is increased with the concentration, but the
deposition time is decreased for the same film thickness. In C2
concentration and for suitable deposition time, a uniform thin
film of deposition without crack was found, so it had the
commercial value. On the other hand, the mud-cracks were found
if the film was too thick.In the cyclic polarization
experiments, the as-received specimens and the specimens with
ZrO2 film were not to be corroded actually. Three reactions were
found in 0.6 M NaCl aqueous solution: (1)O2 + 2H2O + 4e- 4OH-
;(2)2H+ + 2e- H2 ;(3)2H2O +2e- H2 + 2OH-. Additionally,
the specimens coated with ZrO2 film had higher E02(the upper
redox equilibrium potential) than the as-received specimens
because the latter had the stronger tendency to attract the OH-,
and the E02 would reduced if the solution was According to the
scratch test, the peeling of ZrO2 from the substrate was not
found under the load of 30 Newton. The result showed that the
adhesion of ZrO2 coating on Ti-6Al-4V alloy substrate can resist
the loading stress of 1700 MPa which is 50 times of the loading
of hip joints during gait. When it is used as the implant
material, it can reduce the wear debris with the UHMWPE and
enhance it*s endurance.
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