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標題: 以UV光調控兆赫波段超穎材料的特性變化研究
The Properties of Terahertz Metamaterials Tuned by Ultraviolet Light
作者: 郭昱廷
Yu-Ting Kuo
關鍵字: 兆赫波;超穎材料;半導體;可調式;Terahertz;Metamaterials;Semiconductor;Tunable
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本實驗我們研究缺口共振環(Split resonator rings)在兆赫波下量測其共振頻率。覆蓋半導體材藉由照射UV光來改變共振環上缺口的電容特性為主要目的。
金是本實驗組成超穎材料的要件,研究金超穎材料在不同厚度與退火前後的差異,從實驗與SEM、AFM量測圖分析得知,當膜厚愈薄,經退火後其訊號會消失,而在100 nm厚的金超穎材料經退火後,能有最好的訊號,其品質因子在退火前後能從4.18爬升到8.33。
當超穎材料覆蓋半導體銦鎵鋅氧(IGZO)後並進行照UV光,來看兆赫波共振強度的縮減,得到當薄膜電阻變化區間落在1 MΩ到 100 kΩ之間會有最佳的變化效果。利用此方式便能改變IGZO薄膜的導電特性,以達到光調控超穎材料的目的。

In this work, we measure the resonance frequencies of Split resonator rings at Terahertz wave. The samples are covered by semiconductor materials and illuminated by UV light to change the capacities of the splits on the resonator rings.
Gold is the important element of metamaterial. We study the properties of metamaterials in different thickness and experimental conditions. From the analyses of the experiments and pictures of SEM and AFM, we know that the signal would disappear with the thinner film. The metamaterial with thickness of 100 nm has the best signal after annealing, whose quality factor increase from 4.18 to 8.33.
When the metamaterials are covered by IGZO and illuminated by UV light, the electrical resistance changes from 1 M ohm to 100 k ohm, and we have best intensity of resonance decrease mostly at Terahertz spectrum. We can changing the conductivity of IGZO film to make tunable metamaterials.
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