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標題: 製程溫度對氧化銦鎵鋅薄膜特性之影響探討
Effect of the deposition Temperature on electric properties in InGaZnOx Thin Film by RF sputtering
作者: 黃信懷
Hsin-Huai Huang
關鍵字: 射頻磁控濺鍍;氧化銦鎵鋅;臭氧氣體感測器;radio frequency magnetron sputter;InGaZnO;ozone gas detector
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本實驗我們使用不同製程溫度以射頻磁控濺鍍方式成長氧化銦鎵鋅(InGaZnO, IGZO)薄膜,分析薄膜在不同溫度下成長後的特性。所用之分析儀器有X 射線繞射分析(XRD),紫外光/可見光光譜儀(UV/Vis),經由以上儀器進行分析來觀察薄膜特性與結構,由XRD 可以看出本實驗濺鍍後之薄膜其氧化銦(In2O3)有明顯的訊號峰值,顯示其已呈現結晶狀態,而並沒有看到其它氧化鎵(Ga2O3)、氧化鋅(ZnO)的訊號峰值,顯示在這條件下Ga2O3、ZnO 還是屬於非晶態,在UV光譜分析中我們也看到電子可被UV 光激發至導電帶,最後討論薄膜吸附和脫附臭氧時會造成電性有所改變的特性,在部份臭氧濃度改變時沒有很好的靈敏度,但能看到溫度與電阻變化率之間的關係呈現正相關,而250℃以上的條件在本次實驗中並沒有納入考量,因此在未經過退火製程的步驟下,是否有相當機會可以發展成低成本且優良之臭氧氣體感測器的潛力,還有可以討論及研究的空間。

In this experiment, we used radio frequency magnetron sputter to deposit the InGaZnO (IGZO) thin films with different deposition temperature. To analyze the films properties by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy (UV / Vis). From XRD data, obvious peak signal after indium oxide (In2O3) sputtering, indicated it is crystalline state. There were no gallium oxide (Ga2O3), zinc oxide (ZnO) signal peak, means Ga2O3, ZnO still amorphous state under this condition. In the analysis of UV spectrum, we also see electrons can be excited to the conduction band by UV light. Finally, the electrical properties of the ozone
adsorption and desorption of IGZO thin film were studied. When the ozone concentration is changed, the sensitivity is not very well. But we found the positive correlation between temperature and the resistance rate below 250 ℃ . However, above 250 ℃ condition is not considered in this experiment, so the non-anneal IGZO thin film may have the potential to develop a low cost and excellent ozone gas detector.
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