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標題: 以陰極電弧法於高速鋼上被覆氮化鋁鈦硬質薄膜之研究
On Tribological Properties of TiAlN Coatings Deposited on High Speed Steel by Cathodic Arc Evaporation
作者: 游瑞松
Yow, J-S
關鍵字: TiAlN;氮化鋁鈦;Interlayer;Cathodic arc evaporation;中介層;陰極電弧蒸鍍
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
TiAl介層對於TiAlN薄膜附著性質的影響。 三元成份的TiAlN薄膜性質
層鍍膜的形成,主要是藉由控制基材負偏壓的變化,而從基材/ TiAlN界面
分析結果顯示, TiAlN薄膜均具有很強的(111)優選方向。而以基材偏
分析結果顯示,TiAlN薄膜氧化溫度達890*C / 925*C ,均較TiN薄膜、TiCN
薄膜 及CrN薄膜的氧化溫度高,這是由於TiAlN薄膜在600*C -925*C 高溫

In this research,TiAlN films were deposited on high speed steel(
SKH9) by cathodic arc evaporation.The effect of TiAl interlayer
on the tribological properties of TiAlN films were investigated.
The characteristics of the ternary TiAlNfilms have the
properties of high hardness ,abrasion resistance and excellent
chemical stability which all contribute to the success of TiN.A
graded TiAlN structure is defined as a continuous variation of
the various components,fromthe film/substrate interface to the
top surface of the film during the growth.The bias voltage
applied to the substrate is the primary parameter responsiblefor
aluminum depletion and titanium enrichment in the film
composition.XRD analysis showed that TiAlN films have strong
(111) preferred orientation.Optimized critical load of TiAlN/
SKH9 were obtained at a substrate bias 300v, and with a
interlayer thickness of 0.1*10^-6mTiAl.TiAlN graded coating
exhibited the highest critical load of 57N while multilayer film
measured 51N and singlelayer film measured 47N.The thermal
stability of TiAlN film was investigated by TGD. The oxidation
resistance of TiAlN exhibited much higher onset temperature of
890C/925C compared to of TiN,TiCN and CrN. This higher oxidation
resistance of TiAlN protective layer was conjected to the fact
stable Al2O3 atits surface when the coating reaches 600 C - 925
C in air .
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