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標題: 透過群聚智能演算法建構最佳貝氏D準則交錯式層級超飽和實驗設計
Via Swarm Intelligence Construct the Bayesian D-Optimal Staggered-Level Supersaturated Designs
作者: 吳豪翔
Hao-Siang Wu
關鍵字: 超飽和實驗設計;交錯式層級設計;貝氏D準則;平衡設計;縱列的成對互換演算法;Supersaturated designs;Staggered-level designs;Bayesian D criterion;Balanced designs;Columnwise-pairwise algorithm
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Industrial experiments have many constraints. For instance, there are too many factors for screening or there exist some factors whose levels are not easy to change. In this research, we combine supersaturated designs and staggered-level designs. We use the Bayesian D-optimal criterion and the swarm intelligence techniques to construct our designs.
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