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標題: 高分子PET之質傳及結構特性
Mass transport and structural characteristics of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
作者: 陳哲禎
Chen, Che Chen
關鍵字: PET;聚對苯二甲酸乙烯酯;mass transport;crystallization;質傳;結晶
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
有機溶劑如丙酮在聚對苯二甲酸乙烯酯PET(poly ethylene
terephthalate)中有質傳 現象,在此以Fickian與swelling,亦即所謂的
case I與case II的機制來研究質傳行為, 並且求出擴散速度v及擴散係
數D及其活化能.由於此種模式已成功的解釋了非晶形高分 子材料中的質
傳現象,所以本研究工作將著重於半結晶(semi-crystalline)高分子. 有
在PET中是 伴隨著大規模的結構重組,導致在原來的非晶形狀態部份轉變
至晶體結構,即所謂的溶劑 誘發(solvent-induced)結晶.由SEM觀察到不
同實驗條件下的試片有不同的斷面結搆,由 X-ray繞射得知,經丙酮等處
理過的PET會有結晶現象,其X-ray繞射面與140C熱處理結晶 的繞射面一
Tg 亦明顯下降.

Organic solvents like acetone etc. can penetrate into poly(
ethyleneterephthalate). The model of case I(Fickian) and case
II(swelling) is employedto study mass transport and to estimate
the diffusion coefficient D,volicity v.This model can be used to
explained the mass transport phenomena in amorphouspolymer . The
incentive of our work is to see how this model works in the
semi-crystalline polymer. The mass transport in poly(ethylene
terephthalate)is different from that in PMMA. It is accompanied
by a large-scale structuralrearrangement in the poly(ethylene
terephthalate),which leads to the induced crystallization of the
original amorphous state. Thiis is the so-called "solvent-
induced crystallization". We observe the morphology of sample
under different experimental conditions by using scanning
electron microscope(SEM).Acetone-induced crystallization can be
confirmed from X-ray diffraction,and it''s structure is about the
same as that abtained by being heat-treated at 140 C . The DSC
thermograms of acetone-treated poly(ethylene terephthalate)shows
that the crystallization peak disappears and glass transition
temperature(Tg) decreases.
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