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標題: 氫化非晶質矽薄膜之光學檢測與分析
Optical characterization and analysis of a-Si:H thin films
作者: 王銘鋒
關鍵字: a-Si:H;氫化非晶質矽;Thin films;Optical characterization;Taguchi method analysis;薄膜;光學檢測;田口式分析
出版社: 材料工程學研究所
體液晶顯示器、太陽能電池、光電元件 etc.,而成為眾所矚目的焦點,
區,進行檢測與光譜資料分析,實驗中使用下列兩種光譜儀 : (1). 富利
著Si - HX ( X=1 ~ 3 ) 原子間各種振動模式,用來分析氫的濃度和鍵結
方式 。 並計算微結構變數 R = I2100 / [ I2000 + I2100 ],I2000、
,是SiH於 ~ 2000和SiH2 於~ 2100 cm-1的兩個伸縮模吸收峰之積分強度
。(2). 紫外線-可見光-近紅外線光譜儀:測量以玻璃為基底的薄膜,包

The hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H) thin films grown by
Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition method containhydrogen
atoms up to 10 atomic percentage. The hydrogen atoms in the
network have the effect of passivation or saturation of silicon
dangling bonds and this effect decreases the density of states
so that hydrogenated amorphous silicon has better film quality.
They can be actual applied to produce Solar Cells, Thin Film
Transistor Liquid Crystal Displays and Photoelectric Devices
etc., thus they always attract much attentions in the research
field.The hydrogen atoms play an importance role in the a-Si:H
thin films, they influence the structure, the electronic
properties, and the optical properties of a-Si:H. The atomic
percentage of hydrogen in a-Si:H is very sensitive to deposition
conditions and must be characterized and analyzed in order to
understand and control the properties of the film for the
purpose of the quality improvement.We characterized the a-Si
thin films with different optical apparatus for different
absorption regions. Two kinds of spectrophotometers used for
characterizations and spectrum analysis in the experiment
are:(1). Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer: Measure the
films deposited at high resistance Silicon wafer in the infrared
region which yields information about hydrogen content and
bonding configuration. The microstructure parameter R was also
calculated as the ratio of the inuegrated intensity of the mode
at 2100 cm-1 (SiH2 Stretching mode) sum of the integrated
intensities of the modes at 2000 (SiH Stretching mode) and 2100
cm-1.(2). Ultraviolet Visible Near Infrared Spectrometer:
Measure the films deposited on Corning 7059 Glass including
absorption coefficient in the intrinsic region used to estimate
the optical band gap of a-Si:H thin films and, in the extrinsic
region, transmission spectra used to calculate the refractive
index and thickness of the film.Experiment data was analyzed
using Taguchi method with different observation parameters such
as microstructure parameter, deposition rate and optical band
gap. Assuming the observed values are related to the average of
the mean square of the quality characteristics, calculate the
signal-to-noise ratio for each factor and determine the optimum
experiment condition.
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