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標題: 使用改良型局部二值模式之手掌靜脈辨識系統
Palm Vein Recognition System with Modified LBP
作者: 王涵
Han Wang
關鍵字: 生物辨識;靜脈辨識;biometric characteristics;palm vein recognition
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With the advance of science and technology, whether it is the company building access control or immigration management, both of them need identity authentication to ensure safety. There are many kinds of identity authentication methods and techniques in various applications. Among all techniques, the unique biometric characteristics of individuals is the most convenient and safe technique to represent oneself. However, in addition to different costs of the equipment, the convenience of the biometric sample collection, or sampling quality, and so forth, also have different effects on authentication, and thus affecting the accuracy of identification. Therefore, how to obtain the biometric characteristics has become a significant issue.

In this thesis, the method of palm vein recognition was proposed. The modified Local Binary Pattern (LBP) is used to obtain the similarity of the palm vein, and the accuracy is finally calculated. The accuracy can reach 99.83%.
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