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標題: GOGHIN雨養低地計劃小規模水稻生產技術經濟和分配效率分析-布基納法索中部區域: 隨機前沿方法
Technical, Economic and Allocative Efficiency of Small Scale Rice Production in Goghin rain fed Lowland scheme - Central Burkina Faso: A Stochastic Frontier Approach
作者: 那希瑟
Narcisse Kam
關鍵字: 布基納法索;異質性誤差結構;隨機前沿函數;低效率;Burkina Faso;Heteroskedastic error structure;Stochastic Frontier Function;Inefficiency
在本研究中,我們使用具有異方差誤差結構的Cobb-Douglas隨機邊界模型來分析布基納法索中部地區的稻米農場技術效率和成本效益。以技術效率和成本效益來衍生出分配效率。本文在低效率模型中同時加入一階最大概似估計式來確定抽樣農戶之間效率差異決定的因素。結果顯示,技術、經濟和分配效率的平均水平分別為76.38%,84.08% 和60.93%。同時發現分配效率仍然存在39.07%的改進空間,相較之下,技術效率存在23.62%,經濟效率則是15.92%。研究中發現了非常有趣的現象,那就是農民在經濟效率低與擁有充足的技術的情況下,有可能通過調整期初投入的使用,來提高水稻生產的盈利能力。除此之外,農場經營管理者的年齡,推廣服務延伸的範圍,信貸獲得的投入,家庭戶數和種植收穫的年份都是影響小農戶效率水平的重要因素。

This study used a Cobb-Douglas Stochastic Frontier model with a heteroskedastic error structure to investigate Technical efficiency and Cost efficiency of rice farm smallholders in central region of Burkina Faso, West Africa. Allocative efficiency was derived from the two latter aforementioned. A one-stage Maximum-likelihood approach is simultaneously applied with the inefficiency model to identify the determinants factors underlying efficiency differentials among the sampled farming households. Results revealed an average technical, economic and allocative efficiency levels of 76.38%, 84.08% and 60.93% respectively. This suggests that allocative efficiency offer a higher scope for improvements with potential with 39.07%, compared to 23.62% opportunity to enhance technical efficiency, and 15.92% in economic efficiency. An interesting implication emerging from the study is that farmers are operating with substantial Technical and Economic inefficiencies and hence have possibility to raise the profitability of rice production by fully adjusting inputs use. Moreover, Age of farm manager, Access to extension services, Access to input credit, Household size, and Year of cropping were the most influential factors of efficiency levels of smallholder rice farmers.
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