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標題: 除模糊演算法對於相位重建問題
Deblurring algorithms in phase retrieval
作者: 楊子毅
Zhi-Yi Yang
關鍵字: 相位還原演算法;去除雜訊演算法;去除模糊演算法;phase retrieval algorithms;denoising algorithms;deblurring algorithms
引用: [1] J. R. Fienup, ”Phase retrieval algorithms: a comparison”, Appl. Opt.,21: 2758-69(1982). [2] A. Fannjiang and W. Liao, ”Phasing with phase-uncertain mask”, Inverse Problems, 29: 125001(2013). [3] Hongwei Guo, ”A simple algorithm for fitting a Gaussian function,” IEEE Sign. Proc. Mag. 28(9): 134-137 (2011). [4] Rafael Gonzalez, Richard Woods, and Steven Eddins. Digital Image Processing Using Matlab. Prentice Hall, 2003. [5] R. W. Gerchberg and W. O. Saxton, ”A practical algorithm for the determination of phase from image and diffraction plane pictures”, Optik, 35: 237-46(1972). [6] Z. Wen, C. Yang, X. Liu and S. Marchesini, ”Alternating direction methods for classical and ptychographic phase retrieval”, Inverse Problems, 28: 115010(18pp), 2012. [7] H. H. Bauschke, P. L. Combettes and D. R. Luke, ”Hybrid projectionreflection method for phase retrieval”, J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 20: 1025-34(2003). [8] A. Chambolle, ”An algorithm for total variation minimization and applications”, Mathematical imaging and vision, 20: 89-97(2004). [9] The USC-SIPI Image Database, , University of Southern California, Signal and Image Processing Institute. [10] Pengwen Chen and Albert Fannjiang, ”Fourier Phase Retrieval with a Single Mask by Douglas-Rachford Algorithm”, Sep. 2015. [11] The Ming-Fang Chang,”The TV-norm based algorithms for solving phase retrieval”, Aug. 2015.
在成像科學領域中,一般性的測量是難以決定相位,例如X 射線成像,檢測器可以接收的標準光波,只能是利用傅立葉強度的測量。標準的相位回復問題是從傅立葉強度的測量數據中回復相位資訊,試著重建未知的訊號(或影像)。進行測量與重建時,Albert Fannjiang 提出:藉由引進隨機製造的遮罩,可以高度地保持可能解的唯一性,達到全域相位係數的解。在這篇論文中,我們提供一些實驗,說明再有模糊和雜訊時無法成功重建的情況,對於解決影像相位重建問題,我們的貢獻有

1. 建構Deblurring algorithm,使用TV norm 的相位還原演算法。
2. 將影像切割的方式,使用Douglas-Rachford algorithm 做還原。
Rights: 同意授權瀏覽/列印電子全文服務,2018-10-25起公開。
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